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What to wear to a photoshoot


It depends entirely upon what sort of shoots we are going to do. The main thing is to be comfortable. Photo shoot should be a relaxed and happy event. Wearing clothes that make you feel relaxed will help you to ease and be comfortable at the shoot. Most of the sessions will be discussed before the shots. There will be a few tips below and things to remember.

General information

– White, black, blue, grey, purple and green look lovely on anyone, any time of the year and flatter any complexion.
– Iron or steam your clothing before your shoot.
– Wear something that fits well and comfortably, doesn’t have holes or stains or any balls of fluffs.
– Ensure that your bra straps aren’t going to stick out from your outfit. Find a strapless, nude bra that fits properly if the kind of session requires it.
– Make sure your footwear is clean or polished and isn’t damaged, or stained.

Solo Portraits

– Wear something you’re confident in (again confidence!!!)
– Bring a few different style outfit with you. We have designated space to change any clothing.
– Bring a jacket, cardigan or blazer in case your cold or if you want to get a few totally different looks without changing your entire outfit.

Senior or Graduation Portraits

– Bring your cap and gown, any cords or certificates you want to be photographed with, along with any items that is important to you at the time when you were at school such as sports equipment and balls, uniforms or jerseys, varsity letters/jackets, school spirit wear, or anything else that reminds you of your time in school.
– Be true to your personal style. I generally recommend people wear something classic.

Couples Photos

– Keep in mind your body type. You know what suits you and what doesn’t, so choose the outfits what give you a nice overall look. For instance, do not wear a sleeveless dress if you are worried about what your arms will look like.
– Couples photos look best when the couple is coordinating or wearing similar colours, or an identical pattern. This doesn’t mean you have to be matchy-matchy. What I mean by that is if you’re wearing a blue dress, have your man’s tie, shirt be complementary in colour or similar in shade. You want to complement each others outfits by choosing colours that work well together.
– Add depth to your outfits with hats, scarves, jewellery, glasses, flowers etc. They will also lend a lot more variety to your shots and poses.
– Bring a few options for clothes. If you’ve an outfit in your mind and you’re not really sure about it, bring it along to the shoot and I will help you decide which one will look the best. If you’re planning on wearing heels, have a pair of flats just in case as well.

Glamour Shoots

– We suggest bringing three outfits with different variety of colours, styles and dressiness levels. Try something classy, something trendy, and a personal favourite. Consider something dark, something light, something sexy and something fun with a variety of necklines and textures. Whatever you feel confident in, bring it along!
– Avoid stripes, plaids and large patterns. Baggy clothing or clothing that is too tight will make you look larger. Sleeveless styles can make you look bigger.
– Style your hair and either leave it down or wrap it in a loose style that you can let down when you arrive (a loose bun secured with pins can give the hair body and a nice wave). Do not wear a ponytail to the shoot, it leaves a kink in the hair.
– Do not wear hairband or tight hat – will stay mark on your forehead.
– Wear a button-up shirt – so you don’t mess up your hair.
– Wear sweatpants and loose sneakers – you won’t have any marks on your skin.
– Do not wear a bra or underwear that will leave marks on your skin.


– Moisturise before your shoot to look and feel smooth and to minimize the tightness.
– Long, flowy dresses are a beautiful choice.
– Flower crowns, chalkboards with baby’s name and due date, ultrasound photos, baby clothes, and more all make lovely props/accessories, so bring these with you.
– Keep accessories to a minimal. Keep your jewellery and accessory selection simple and sweet so the focus of your photos will be on your belly. On the other hand, pieces that accentuate your bump can be great for your shoot.
– Be sure that you’re comfortable, above all else!


– Young children can be unpredictable, so do what you can to ensure they’re in a good mood. Make sure they are fed and clean before the shoot. Trim their nails, put them in a fresh outfit, and bring a few extra changes, plus extra diaper just in case.
– Bring wipes or washcloths to wipe away drool, eye crust, spit-up, etc.
– Bring their favourite toys or comfort items like a blanket or pacifier in case they become upset.
– Bring snacks like fruit or a drink in their favourite cup if they become hungry or fussy.
– Photographers will ask you to help to calm the child and get their attention (getting them to look at the camera) if it is necessary.
– If the parents are going to be in the photos too, simply wear coordinating colours.
– Bring any sentimental items such as first blankets, gifts from family members, quilts, or other meaningful items

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