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Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

I need to tell you a few words about my sessions and prices…

Everything is depends on wht you want. If you are looking for a portrait which is printed and framed to A1 format, or a model portfolio printed on A3 book… or just a family portrait to be kept in the photo album… I am able to fulfill your wishes and please you with the photos, and to become your favorite photographer.

Prices are depend on your needs therefore I am not able to give any price list. The reason is why – I am not photographer “customer-shoot-pay-next customer”.

My sessions are various. All of them require sing agreement.

Trade Session – Just trade. You and me are giving our time and receiving something in exchange: you prints or CD with photos. Me satisfaction for good job and materials for my advertising.

Payed session I – You will pay for the session. You will receive prints, me money.

Payed session II – You will pay for the session but not whole amount. You will receive prints. I will keep rights to use photos to my marketing/advertising, but I can’t sell them to third part.

I will pay for session – If you are Lily Cole or if you have great idea – I will pay you for your time.

These Sessions are very flexible – I am easy, just call and we will make a deal.

My favorite way to set up a session as a step by step mode :

– First contact (usually by phone or some message)

– Meeting and chatting about expectations.This is very important for me as a part of the session. First of all we are getting to know each other – during the session you do not look at me as some weirdo stranger. Of course if you are experienced model, and if you know what you want this point is not so important. This time I am using as well to create best frames/shoots/stylization etc.

– Setting up date and time of session. At this moment I will require to pay deposit 25%. 

– Shoots, usually 2-3 hours. But I have had 15 minutes sessions… and 6 hours as well.

– My hard computer job. It depends from session but usually in few days I have pictures ready to view.

– Sending to you pictures for acceptation/selection. Never happened so far, but if you are not happy from my work I will give you the deposit back and will apologize. (Probably will think to change profession as well).

– Ordering prints or preparing CD.

– Last step: you receiving prints me money.

If you have any questions please call or email me – click here to go to contact page.

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